Employee empowerment
Mobile accessibility

WorksPad enables easy and secure access to corporate files and mails from any iOS and Android modern mobile device.

Productivity on the road

WorksPad's ability to work in online and offline mode make your work truly seamless.

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Sensitive information security

Organizations can now minimize the risk of sensitive information leaks by giving employees an alternative to untrusted personal services. WorksPad provides transparency and data usage controls, and reduces both the likelihood and the costs associated with data breaches.

Easy controls and administration

WorksPad integrates into the corporate technological landscape, responding to corporate IT and information security requirements.
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Cost reduction
Risk reduction

Reduce the risks of data leakage – and also the high costs that come with customer data breaches and intellectual property theft, or other breaches of sensitive information.

BYOD benefits

Your organization enjoys the best of BYOD. Your employees can use their favorite devices without compromising IT security.

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