Main edition, including the whole set of product functionality

  • Email client that works with corporate email only
  • Calendars: personal and shared calendars of your colleagues
  • Personal contacts and access to a corporate address book
  • Integrated web browser for controlled access to public and corporate resources (Internet / Intranet)
  • File manager supporting all standard operations with files with secure access to enterprise file resources (Windows shared folders and SharePoint document libraries)
  • PC-agent for secure automatic file sync between mobile device and PC in a "corporate dropbox" model without the use of external cloud services
  • An embedded full-function office suite for creating and editing documents in Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and viewer for different file formats (PDF, multipage TIFF, pictures, audio- and video- files)
  • Universal web-client for access to corporate info from different devices
  • Administration console
  • Rich security management capabilities based on user profiles
  • Corporate data isolation from private data on a mobile device
  • For smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. Installed from Apple AppStore and Google Play
WorksPad One
The solution is fully developed by the company "Mobilitylab" and doesn't contain any components licensed from third party companies. WorksPad One includes all the features WorksPad, except the editor of documents in the Microsoft Office format.

The product is available for iOS mobile devices – tablets and phones.
WorksPad-as-a-Service enables you to use WorksPad as a service hosted by service providers. The use of the product in a subscription model allows to reduce one-time investments in IT infrastructure renewal and to use IT budgets flexibly and effectively in the future.

To purchase a subscription, please contact our SaaS partners
WorksPad for InfoWatch Traffic Monitor
Using WorksPad and InfoWatch Traffic Monitor together, you can monitor and analyze the transfer of corporate data to the WorksPad client application on mobile devices. InfoWatch Traffic Monitor allows you to automatically classify the transmitted information, identify confidential data or suspicious correspondence in the information flow.

Integration module on WorksPad Server – WorksPad for Traffic Monitor – uploads shadow copies of documents received to WorksPad application on a mobile device from corporate sources (file shares like network shared folders and SharePoint document libraries and in the form of file attachments in emails) to the server where the documents are analyzed by means of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor.

The integration module also generated event reports for operational monitoring of the transmitted documents.

The integrated solution was tested by manufacturers.
WorksPad for MobileIron
The product revision is intended to be used in conjunction with the MobileIron AppConnect and can be provided as part of the MobileIron platform deployment project.

WorksPad for VMware AirWatch
The product revision is intended to be used in conjunction with AirWatch Mobile Application management and can be provided as part of the Workplace one platform deployment project.
WorksPad X
Will be released in 2019
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