WorksPad + InfoWatch Traffic Monitor

= true enterprise mobility
The new WorksPad integration module 2.0 for InfoWatch Traffic Monitor (a solution for Digital Leakages Prevention (DLP) and protection of organizations against internal information security threats) enables customers to control data transmission through all communication channels supported in WorksPad.
WorksPad server transfers documents leaving safe perimeter of the company for identification of unauthorized use of corporate information to the InfoWatch Traffic Monitor DLP system. Integration of two solutions provides capability to expand controlled perimeter of the company and monitor information exchange executed by:

WorksPad mobile clients on android, iOS, Sailfish, including new generation of WorksPad X clients
WorksPad user portal and WorksPad external access portal
Corporate chat bots and the microapplications developed and executed on the WorksPad platform
InfoWatch Traffic Monitor allows to prevent data leakages and minimize internal information security threats that come from the employees of organizations.

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