MobilityLab reference program
Infowatch presents a product developed by it's technology partner MobilityLab LLC - an enterprise mobility software product WorksPad.
WorksPad is the integrated enterprise mobile workplace with a unique to mobile world all-in-one
approach. It provides an access to corporate file and document resources, file sync & share with editing
capabilities, corporate email, contacts and corporate address book, calendars, intranet and internet
browsing - all in one application on iOS or Android mobile devices, with enterprise-grade security.
Benefits of the program
Your business can benefit from increased exposure to diverse audiences and help influence
organizations around the world
Promote your Brand. Being a reference is an opportunity to increase awareness of your brand
Share best practices with other organizations facing similar business challenges
New product – new competitive advantages
for you
You'll be able to get special conditions to purchase WorksPad such as:
Perpetual license
(up to 500 users, but not less 100 users)
1 USD per user*
Valid for one initial purchase
50% discount from MobilityLab
for additional licenses for these customers*
Annual Technical Support
30 USD per user*
Extended services:
Remote technical assistance in the installation
and configuration process within the technical
support price

There are several requirements for prospects to qualify:

1. Prospects should be reputable companies whose experience may be influential for other companies and
organizations in Turkey.
2. Prospects should be from different industries and include both commercial companies and government
3. This offer will be valid for first 3 customers, which will place orders under the conditions of this offer.
4. Prospects should agree to be public reference for MobilityLab and Headetchnology, which means that
they will agree to be mentioned in MobilityLab and Headtechnology marketing activities and materials as
success stories and a representative of the prospect should be reachable for positive comments.
5. Prospects should agree not to disclose conditions of this offer to any third parties

For more details, please contact us