WorksPad Product News. Working with emails as attachments.

The new version 3.6 for iOS adds the ability to work with attachments in the form of emails (in formats .eml and .msg).

This can be very useful if you need to share with someone a complete history of correspondence in which there was more than one branch of conversations. You select in Outlook all the emails you need and send them as attachments within a new email.

The recipient (it can be you) of such an email in WorksPad can perform the same operations as with ordinary emails, in particular, it can be sent with the inclusion of all or selected attached emails. Attached emails, in a turn, may contain attachments.

With the attached email itself, you can perform the same operations as with ordinary emails: reply, forward, add attachments.

Like any other attachment, an attached email can be saved in the file Manager – on the device, in a folder synchronized with the PC, or in the corporate document storage – directly from the email-"container". To do this, place and hold your finger on the attachment name to open the context menu.

Storage of emails in the form of files is very convenient if you need to save the history of correspondence on a specific issue (record management) in a compact and easily accessible form. Saved as files emails can be add is attachments to new emails created in WorksPad.